1. Top 10 of the fastest growing tourist destinations in Europe
  2. growth in inbound tourism in UK, 39.2 million visits in 2017
  3. Russian Tourism expects 15% rise on international tourism after 2018 World Cup
  4. Thomas Cook closes in-house bed bank, Medhotels
  5. New York’s Plaza Hotel (finally) sold to Qatari?
  6. Turkey’s tourist paradise Antalya welcomes 2 million tourists in June
  7. Top 5 cities in Russia where you can travel during World Cup
  8. 47 million Americans to travel for July Fourth Holiday
  9. Bulgari to open hotel in Paris in 2020
  10. FAUCHON announces “20 hotels in the next ten years”
  11. 10.6 million international tourists visited Mexico in the first quarter
  12. More than 1.2 billion tourists traveled worldwide in 2017
  13. Visitors up by 50.5 percent in Russia for the upcoming FIFA World Cup
  14. Qatar Airways Launches Services To London Gatwick Airport
  15. London dropped out of top corporate travel destinations
  16. Dubai rises as a major tourism destination
  17. Hotel taxation in London can generate $2 million to $4 million revenue
  18. Russia expects half a million foreign visitors for 2018 FIFA World Cup
  19. Google Arts & Culture partners with Ministry of Tourism on ‘Incredible India’ tourism campaign
  20. Maldives to welcome world’s first underwater hotel residence
  21. Marriott expands its Middle East and Africa portfolio with signing of over 5,000 rooms
  22. Turkey to welcome 40 million international tourists with $30 billion revenue in 2018
  23. UAE expected to generate 720,000 travel and tourism industry jobs by 2028
  24. France’s Ritz hotel made world record in luxury furniture auctioning for €7.3 million
  25. Emirates To Debut Its New Fully Enclosed First Class Private Suite For The First Time At ATM
  26. Cyprus tourism revenue reaches €38.4 million in 2018
  27. Philippines’ popular beach destination Boracay Island may reopen
  28. Tourism ministers of Cyprus, Greece and Egypt discussed on cruise tourism
  29. Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa: the first certified Boutique Hotel in Greece
  30. New York welcomed more than 62 million visitors in 2017
  31. After record year Global tourism predicted to slow
  32. Vancouver welcomes 10.3 million visitors
  33. International travel by 5% in 2018, highest in last 20 years
  34. ITB Berlin 2018, world’s largest tourism trade show
  35. “Trip consideration”: the new travel ad product of Facebook
  36. 287 million tourists in China during Lunar New Year holiday
  37. Marriott Mena House, Cairo Historic Palace in Egypt
  38. 120000 Chinese Tourists expected To Visit UAE the upcoming Lunar New Year
  39. Ireland sees red! light up in red to celebrate Chinese New Year
  40. San Diego Initiative To Attract 15 Million Chinese Tourist
  41. Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza Rings in the Chinese New Year at 8 restaurant
  42. Turkey reshaping historical tourism to increase tourists’ influx
  43. Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris
  44. Live the Love at Four Seasons Resort Marrakech
  45. VisitBritain launches new campaign to boost inbound tourism
  46. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the Gift of Travel
  47. Growth and Change: The Shifting Luxury Travel Market
  48. Chicago had a record 55 million visitors in 2017
  49. Google Flights will now inform the delays of airlines
  50. 18.7 percent growth in UK visitors to Maldives
  51. Hilton’s Collection Brands Launch Major Expansion
  52. Japan has new ‘weird hotel’ with robot receptionists
  53. France to give itself greater means for tourism
  54. Surprise for the top 3 most visited countries in 2017
  55. Los Angeles Record 48.3 Million Visitors in 2017
  56. Abu Dhabi More Than 3.5m Room Night Hotel in 2017
  57. ‘Milestone year for Greece’, welcomes 30m visitors
  58. Luxembourg government sanctioned €60 million budget for tourism
  59. Dubai top as 2017 MICE Destination in Middle East
  60. Pamukkale in Turkey provides exclusive wellness
  61. Turkey’s tourism boom might cause hotel shortage in the country
  62. Marrakech attracts a record 2.5 million tourists in 2017
  63. Thailand Tourism Hits Record High In 2017, Welcoming 35 Million Visitor On 29 December
  64. 135 million Chinese tourists will travel in New Year’s holiday
  65. 7.4 million visitors ventured Beverly Hills in 2016
  66. Niagara Falls to welcome over 1.3 million visitors for Festival of Lights
  67. Over 4.5 million travelling on Christmas weekend to be the busiest day of 2017
  68. Qatar Airways Opens Fourth New Gateway Into Thailand
  69. new ‘Connected Room’ concept Hilton launch
  70. GCC Country visitors to UK up 6.6% in 2016
  71. Google updated its free mobile itinerary-planning app Google Trips
  72. Thailand Convention Bureau targets EU markets for events in 2018
  73. Debut for the eTravel Start-up Day at ITB Berlin
  74. Egypt tourism is reviving after discovery of 3500 years ago tombs in Luxor
  75. Disney Cruises plans new events
  76. Jumeirah Beach Hotel To Go Under Extended Renovation In 2018
  77. Hilton opens two beachfront in Cancun
  78. Fosun to make investment in the travel and tourism business
  79. Mice growth that increase in Africa
  80. IBTM World 2017 Celebrates 30th Anniversary in Record Style
  81. Tourist arrivals to Europe grew by 8% during 2017
  82. UK retailers look Overseas for Black Friday spending boost
  83. + 6% in January-April 2017 for the International Tourist Arrivals Worldwide
  84. Louvre Abu Dhabi, ‘universal museum’ to be launched in November 2017
  85. London tops the list of Europe’s cities for international travel
  86. London Most Third Popular touriste Destination



More than 1.2 billion tourists traveled worldwide in 2017 and on this constantly growing wave, just over 25 million people have taken advantage of the cruise product. This represents just a mere 3% of the total volume of tourists, but make no mistake, this figure is increasing slowly but surely. Indeed, this industry, unlike the hotel industry, has not stopped investing. While some operators sold off their walls and businesses, subcontracting and ceasing to invest in communications, cruise lines went full throttle in development and investment, gaining access by sea to the world’s treasures.

A handful of operators share this rapidly growing market on the seas and river ways and vie with one another in inventiveness to stand out and attract new customers. New destinations, attractive pricing policies, promotions and communication through all channels, constant product evolution, strict maintenance of ship quality standards, partnerships with internationally known poster heads, broadening the range of products offered to customers. No more! the courtyard is full!

Meanwhile, some of those who had treasures in their hands tossed them into the sea and others directly into the pockets of their shareholders. They had made enormous efforts between the 1970s and the end of the 1990s and felt serene despite the threat of new distributors. It’s a shame, because the great Goliath didn’t know how to take an example from little David who works patiently to develop his market and always invests more to seduce the customer. Imagine sailing around the world on a 50-year-old ship? Yet that is precisely what some of us offer their customers.

Whether at sea or inland, the cruise product attracts an ever-wider range of clients from millennials to senior citizens, and operators are now able to offer entry-level products as well as luxury services, which can both find their place, and sometimes even on the same ship. It is not just cruises being marketed; so are destinations, products, MICE, experiences, and themes that attract ever more customers.

Cruise line operators are confronted with more drastic constraints than hoteliers. Maintaining ships that are dry-docked every 18 months, major technical constraints and investments for the construction of a ship, vulnerability of navigable routes depending on the weather, the complexity of managing a ship that can accommodate several thousand people on board, logistical constraints that would make the world’s largest resort pale in fear, and the strong need for highly qualified personnel and associated salaries. We don’t mind, the sector is thriving!

Hoteliers that have not yet made their transformation would benefit from following the example of a sector that is making progress and gaining in appeal to take full advantage of the tourist manna that is not about to dry up. Because nonetheless, nature abhors a vacuum. A growing share of the tourism clientele will turn to these attractive and differentiated products. At a time when technology makes it possible to 3D print a building in 6 days, we cannot do skip out on innovation… we must offer customers new products with a strong commitment by delivering a beautiful customer experience. If operators do not invest, there is a good chance that newcomers will step in.

By Latifa Zenaina

Influencer Marketing




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